Post these safety tips where they will be a constant reminder to your lift operator. For information specific to the lift, always refer to the lift manufacturer's manual.

1.     Inspect your lift daily. Never operate if it malfunctions or if it has broken or damaged parts. Repairs should be made with original equipment parts.
2.     Operating controls are designed to close when released. Don't block open or override them.
3.     Never overload your lift. Manufacturer's rated capacity is shown on name-plate affixed to the lift.
4.     Positioning of vehicle and operation of the lift should be done only by trained and authorized personnel.
5.     Never raise vehicle with anyone inside it.  Customers or by-standers should not be in the lift area during operation.
6.     Always keep lift area free of obstructions, grease, oil, trash and other debris.
7.     Before driving vehicle over lift, position arms and supports to provide unobstructed clearance. Do not hit or run over lift arms, adapters, or axle supports. This could damage lift or vehicle.
8.     Load vehicle on lift carefully. Position lift supports to contact at the vehicle manufacturer's recommended lifting points. Raise lift until   supports contact vehicle. Check supports for secure contact with vehicle. Raise lift to desired working height. CAUTION: If you are working under vehicle, lift should be raised high enough for locking device to be engaged.
9.     Note that with some vehicles, the removal (or installation) of components may cause a critical shift in the vehicle's center of gravity, and result in raised vehicle instability. Refer to the vehicle manufacturer's service manual for recommended procedures when vehicle components are removed.
10. Before lowering lift, be sure tool trays, stands, etc. are removed from under vehicle. Release locking devices before attempting to lower lift.
11. Before removing vehicle from lift, position lift arms and supports to provide an unobstructed exit (See Item #7).

These "Safety Tips", along with general lift safety materials, are presented as an industry service by the Automotive Lift Institute. Visit our web site at for more information on this material, or write to P.O. Box 85, Cortland, NY 13045.


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